Thursday, February 26, 2009


hey...welcome back to the Blog of Ramone Hamilton. If you have been keeping up, you by now know that i'm jamaican and i love my country to death. A big problem that we face in Jamaica is corruption in the government and in the people aswell. Here is a short but detailed radio show about my life as well as many other. ONE LOVE.

music by: Buju Banton- Champion. Bob Marley -Dont worry , Vybes kartel- emergency and many others. picz from AMIBLOG
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Friday, October 3, 2008

Cillin and doing some deep thinking.

What is the difference between life and Death?
Is it the general or universal condition of ones existence or is it the reality that one day life will transcend into the dark shades o f death?

The human Strength isn't defined by the amount of obstacles your faces with, but rather the power to push forward into future challenges. Furthermore, it is the power of the unknown that fuels success. People in life sometimes say "life is just living day to day not knowing the future" or my personal favorite "The pursuit of happiness". See, people live life through greed, lust and envy not knowing their true purpose. We all can explain life by experience but who dares to experience death by choice. BY: Ramone Hamilton
My first soccer camp and one the single best time of life. From meeting players from all over the United States to coaches from the U.K. I learned not only new soccer skills but people skills as well. Living in New York City everyone around you have a similarity in personality,meeting these new people showed me apart of their lifestyle and our similarity. This is one of the moments i cherish in my high school soccer career.

LOVE....what is love? how does it feel? How do you know when you love someone?How do know this isn't just another feeling thats bringing emotional stress?

*Your the only one that can say you loving someone or your in love.No on one in this world can explain the way you feel about something or someone. Love is something that comes from the heart and somewhere even deeper. Love is a feeling that cant be explained in words.To explain the way i feel about you is impossible to do in one lifetime. I LOVE YOU .........

Jamaica...The best country in the world. Jamaica is my home country and the soul of my body, it is the fuel to my success and the love of my life. I was born March 15th 1991 on the island of Jamaica. Its not the biggest in the world and maybe close to the smallest but the people are the ones that makes up whats missing in size with there Hearts, cooking and athletics. The worlds fastest man Usain Bolt was also born on this great land. Jamaica is the to be and thats why no body nuh wan RUN wid we.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brothers and Warriors

"Our mission is to bring honor to our beloved sport and to all those who stand on our side of the field as well as those who stood before us. To compete in every aspect and give mind, body, and soul to the lifestyle that is soccer. We are the symbol of class, dignity sacrifice and ferocity. Our lives on the field would drive and shape our lives off it. As our growth and progress as human beings will define as our growth as athletes."

Having a family of 24 warriors is the best thing in the world. They are always the support system of a family through blood , sweat , tears and laughter.

Head Coach and father figure Jonathan Garbber have instilled the knowledge and resource we all need to become men. Having a coach that not only show his love on the field but off as well is exactly what this family needs. I LOVE MY BROTHERS !!!!